Friday, 3 July 2009

It doesn't cost much to protect a child from sexual abuse

90 million children in India have been sexually abused. This means that they have been touched, kissed and fondled inappropriately, sometimes raped. This has been done to them usually by someone they trust and know and at an age when they cannot even begin to understand what might have been happening. Most of these children grow up believing it was somehow their fault that this happened to them. They either grow up to be very disturbed and traumatised adults or many a times abusers themselves.

90 million children - if it hasn’t happened to your child or to someone you know, it is just sheer providence.

Arpan was set up by me to help sexually abused children and adults and prevent it from happening as commonly as it does. Arpan has been working on the issue since year 2006 and has reached out to over 3500 adults and 800 children so far.

We wish to expand our programs and reach out to over 3000 adults and children this year for which we need 25 lacs. We need your support.

Your contribution will help.

Teach personal safety skills to children so that they can protect themselves from sexual abuse .
Train parents and teachers to prevent and intervene in the event of CSA .

Children and adult survivors heal through counseling and therapy, and restore their dignity and self respect to become healthy happy human beings.

To know more about what we do and see a video on Child Sexual Abuse click here -

To see a video of our Personal Safety program being taught in schools -

A variety of donation options are available for you to support. For eg. it costs only Rs. 400/- to teach a child how to protect him/herself from sexual abuse and for us to help the child if he needs any intervention. Please click here to view more such donation options and the different modes of payment.

I really look forward to your support. I would also appreciate if you could send this appeal to people in your organization, friends and family.

Thank you so much! : )

For more information you could contact me (Pooja Taparia) on 9820135567 or

Warm regards,
Pooja Taparia
Founder - CEO
Our vision - A safe world free from Child Sexual Abuse and its ill effects.
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  1. Hi Amrita,

    I am very glad that this blog has been steadfastly providing facts and useful information about CSA- its prevalence and its prevention.

    I wrote the article "What Will Happen to the Children?" that you posted last October on this site. I am working on a new child abuse awareness project, and would like your feedback.

    You can email me at

    Thanks for all that you do,


  2. Hi Tara,

    It's always such a pleasure when I receive such a comment. I am glad that you have visited my blog and liked my work. Your words will go a long way in encouraging me to double my efforts here. Thank you.

    That article you wrote was very powerful and informative too. I would of course be interested in helping out in your new project in whatever way I can.

    I shall email you in the ID you mentioned.