Wednesday, 4 November 2009

9-year-old files case of rape against dad


A depraved man raped his helpless 9-year-old daughter in Mumbai for two years and even sold her to his friends. Finally, the girl’s grandfather took courage and helped the girl file a case. Apart from this painful and shocking case in today’s crime file, there are the cases of an MD who had an itch to steal, a human sacrifice in IT city of Hyderabad and a BPO who jumped to death in Bangalore. Read on.

Crime file

Father, friends arrested for abusing young girl

In a depressing and shocking case, a 9-year-old girl in Mumbai has filed a complaint of rape against her father. The girl filed the case with the help of her grandfather.

In the horrifying complaint, the girl described how her father, Chhatish Das (33), and friends allegedly raped her for over two years, made her bones ache and sent her through hell.

The police have now arrested Das and two others -- Ashok Sahu and Shabbir Syyed.

The girl is half Cambodian and does not have any relatives from her mother's side in Mumbai. She first poured out her woes to her grandmother who informed her husband. The grandfather took her to the police station and helped her file a complaint against his own son.

According to the police, Das worked as an electrician in Cambodia and fell in love with a local woman. They got married in 2002 and had a daughter. Three years after marriage, he left his wife and returned to India. A year later, his wife sent their daughter to India.

Das's parents had thrown him out of their house for marrying without their consent. But when Das pushed his daughter to the streets to beg, they let him and the girl stay in their house in Kandivli (W).

The girl told the police that her father had forced her to have sex with him. He then started bringing in his friends and on several occasions took money in exchange for sex.

One day the girl telephoned her grandfather and complained that her father was ill-treating her. The elderly man then sent the child and her grandmother to his village. There the girl took courage to describe the trauma she had been undergoing. The shocked grandmother brought the little girl to Mumbai and told her husband about it.

The man then took the girl to the local police station and helped her file a complaint.

Senior police inspector P S Gawande of Charkop police station told the local press that the girl's story was big shock to her grandparents . The couple discussed it for a couple of days and then decided to file a police complaint on Tuesday .

The elderly couple said they were also victims to brutality as Das beat them regularly while under the influence of alcohol. The couple eventually asked Das to leave their flat with his daughter.

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  1. I am a victim of child abuse and I would like some help. There are things that I want to talk about, some deep-rooted changes in my behavior that I fear have everything to do with my sexual abuse as a child. Is there anyone I could write to?

  2. Hi friend,

    I am very happy that you wrote, and don't worry, now it's my responsibility to get you help. Feel proud of yourself that you have drawn up the courage to acknowledge that something is wrong.

    You can,by all means, write to, talk to and get help from a number of people.

    If what you are looking for is a vent to let your feelings out and someone who will understand, I am always available. I am a survivor myself. Please do write to me at or call me up at 9980716954. I live in Mysore.

    In Chennai, you can write to Tulir( or talk to the Tulir founder Vidya at 9829375304.

    In Mumbai you can write to Pooja, Founder of Arpan, at or call Pooja at 9820135567.

    Friend, all of us are dedicated towards the cause of Child Abuse. Please write to us.

    I will be waiting.

    Be strong.