Monday, 19 July 2010

Tulir workshops - Focus on Prevention


Greetings from Tulir - Centre For The Prevention & Healing of Child Sexual Abuse, is a registered non profit Trust, based in Chennai, committed to working against child sexual abuse (CSA) in India. Tulir's vision is the right of every child to be safe all the time from sexual abuse. Our programming is grounded in a zealous belief of awareness, prevention, and community and professional response sector involvement.

With prevention increasingly gaining recognition as the most prudent and cost effective strategy for addressing child sexual abuse, we are pleased to invite you for a Workshop Series focusing on prevention. It will be led by our Visiting Expert in Residence, Prof. Carol Plummer, who besides working on many aspects of child sexual abuse over the past 30 years, has also authored Preventing Sexual Abuse, a prevention curriculum. More information about Dr Plummer is available at
The series ( details pasted below), are spread over 5 days between Aug. 2 - Aug 6, at Chennai and will cost Rs. 2000/- per person and will be in English. For students pursuing a formal course of education, discounts are available. Vegetarian lunch, tea and workshop materials will be provided. Registration is limited to the first 50 persons against advance payment and will close by July 30, 2010. It is mandatory that participants attend the entire series to benefit optimally.

Please contact or call 26192026 (10 am - 6 pm, Monday – Friday) for further details. We will be glad to clarify any further related queries.



Day 1: The Essentials of Child Sexual Abuse Prevention: What it is, why it is necessary, and how you can help
Learn about comprehensive approaches to sexual abuse prevention
Understand the importance of prevention efforts
Determine concrete ways in which you can become more engaged with keeping children safe

Day 2: Building a Prevention Program within your Agency or Organization
Learn the steps in expanding your work to include prevention efforts
Essential ingredients for program success
Policy efforts, evidence-based practice, and evaluation of programs

Day 3: School Based Prevention Education on Child Sexual Abuse
Ways to involve schools in child sexual abuse prevention
Barriers to successful school-based programs
Overcoming challenges in your school

Day 4: Working with High Risk Groups, including children with disabilities
What groups of children are at particularly high risk for being abused?
Involving adults, including bystanders, in intervening on behalf of children
Challenges and successes in working with children with disabilities

Day 5: Addressing Trauma in Children
Assessing for traumatic reactions
Crisis intervention versus longer term interventions
Working with multiple traumas in a child/community
Best practices for work with traumatized children

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