Monday, 21 May 2007

CSA Workshop in Mumbai this June


Child Sexual Abuse (CSA) is alarming, abhorrent and very often an unimaginable issue. But the reality of the situation is that it exists. Sadly victims exist in silence, and this is due to a host of factors, the most prominent one being the discomfort the topic generates if acknowledged.

It is upto us to take steps. Proactively responding in a timely and appropriate way, accepting that the problem exists, and then addressing it with caring and foresight will ensure that children truly keep their right be safe all the time.

We'd like to introduce The Workshop on Awareness and Responding to Child Sexual Abuse (CSA). It will impart a basic understanding of CSA by discussing the various aspects of the issue and their effects on children, families and society as a whole.

The detailed program held over ONE & HALF DAYS, has been conceived by TULIR, a Chennai-based NGO. It will lay a foundation of knowledge that participants can build on for further work on the subject of Child Protection, either in terms of policy, advocacy, or programming.

It will also provide information that will help participants (especially Counsellors, Therapists, Teachers) learn/enhance their skills to effectively, appropriately and professionally respond to cases of CSA.

What you can expect to achieve from this workshop:
An increased awareness of child sexual abuse - its dynamics, effects, strategies for prevention, and responses. Most importantly, an understanding that child sexual abuse is not only a problem for the victim, but is also a problem for the entire community.

Scope and Sequence of the Workshop

Ø Raising awareness and sensitivity to CSA
Ø Capacity building to respond effectively to CSA
Ø Introduction to Prevention of CSA through Personal Safety

Ø What is child sexual abuse
Ø Acts constituting child sexual abuse
Ø Characteristics of child sexual abuse
Ø Research statistics on child sexual abuse
Ø Preconditions to child sexual abuse
Ø Common effects and signs and symptoms of child sexual abuse
Ø Disclosure and responding to child sexual abuse
Ø Reporting and support system
Ø Prevention of CSA through Personal Safety Education

About the trainer
TULIR, Centre for the Prevention and Healing of Child Sexual Abuse is a Chennai-based NGO, ( committed to working against Child Sexual Abuse since 2004. The workshop will be facilitated by Vipin Thekkekalthil.

Vipin has a Masters in Social Work and has been actively involved in the development and programming of Tulir from its inception.

The Fees
A nominal fee of Rs 250/- per person, to cover costs on venue. The schedule and venue (possibly the second weekend of June/ Mumbai) will be decided once we have a reasonably-sized audience, and a confirmed number of participants. Fees can be paid after the schedule is fixed.

If you have any queries, please email Deepika (deepikadani@...), or Joan (huanita@...) Or call Joan on 9820375319.

If interested, do let us know as soon as possible. Also, please forward this mail to friends, colleagues, and any one whomay benefit from it.

Keep the faith,
Alifya, Deepika, Joan

Every moment is a second chance.

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