Monday, 28 May 2007

Prevention of Child Sexual Abuse

How can we, as a part of society, do to make sure that we do not inadvertently allow the horror of child sexual abuse to live on undeterred?

Following are some guidelines, as put forward by TULIR:

Role of the Community

  • Know. Learning more about child rights and child sexual abuse can help you ensure the safety of children in your family, your neighborhood and your community
  • Talk. Talk to your colleagues, friends, relatives and family about the problem. Help break the silence around child sexual abuse.
  • Observe. Be alert to the behavioral and physical indicators of sexual abuse in children. Don't just hear children's voices, Listen to them.
  • Help. If you suspect a child of being abused, assist the child. Seek assistance from Tulir-CPHCSA.
  • Advocate. Ask your child's school to incorporate personal safety curriculum and to implement a school child protection policy.
  • Contact. Tulir-CPHCSA can organize talks/workshops for your school, organization or community.
  • Involve. Volunteer your time and resources to organizations working against child sexual abuse.

And the first step towards helping curb this evil, is acceptance. As long as people believe that this is something that happens only to lower castes, or in the western countries, nothing can be done, as this is a phantom that hides in the shroud of lies created by the taboo attached to sex itself, along with the respect and reputation of the family that hangs in the balance.

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