Sunday, 3 June 2007

Family shuns man

'He should be shot dead'

The family of Sanjay Patil, who is charged with sodomising minor girls, including his own children, is in a state of shock.... The suspect's wife, Saroj Patil, 42, says her husband "should be shot at sight"...... "I did not ever have an inkling of my husband's activities... We will commit suicide...."

Her two children, aged 9 and 5, are in a playful mood, oblivious of the gravity of the accusations hurled against their father.

...."He was pleading for one chance. But if a man can do such a thing to his own children, he has no right to live. He deserves the harshest punishment," his wife says

This article appeared in the 2nd June issue of DNA. While the wife's reaction is well-called for, one can't help but wonder if she would have reacted nearly as strongly if her husband had not abused their own children, and had merely preyed on other children...


  1. the full story can be read on :

  2. he has lost his humanity.. wat kind of a father is one who preys upon his own children?