Monday, 2 April 2007

Culture,Conditioning and Perpetrators-2

Sexuality is one of the least understood facets of human nature and the most exploited. See any perfume ad in a magazine or even bisleri water ad for that matter…what does it depict? Everything and anything is related to sex. What the heck? Even the dream of every girl-the ever beautiful barbie screams sex!!How many of us are aware of this.

I would like to quote from another person’s blog.

“In 1957 Mattel mildly remodified a German pornographic toy called Lilli, to market it as barbie. Lilli was popular for her tight sweater and removable miniskirt. it took until 1971 for Barbie to lose Lilli’s sly down and sideways glance and be able to at least look straight. She has still not lost the anti-gravitational breasts.”

“Degrading denim.”
“Has anyone noticed that the advertisements for jeans are getting extremely crude? You glance at the ad and you cannot quite make out exactly what it is for - aphrodisiac, Viagra-substitutes,impotency cures –oh yeah,or just plain old jeans.

The last ad I saw showed a man and a woman, both bare-chested. Ok… maybe they were trying to promote body comfort and confront body politics… but nope. The primary focus of the ad was on the man reaching for the woman, both of them looking like they were ready to mate at the drop of a hat - the jeans were not even fully seen, for crying out loud!”

There is a lot of conditioning going on here. From everywhere there is this message that sex is a very important thing!!!It is one part or a phase of human life. Every animal species including humans spend their reproductive age indulging in this reproductive activity called “sex”; but there is no species on earth which is as obsessed with the act, other than humans!! If aliens were to visit earth, their first observation would be that human beings are obsessed with sex.

Now the concept and importance of sex has been changing over civilization. In the animal kingdom it is a process to procreate and in some species for bonding between the male and female. In humans it is not just for procreation but for pleasure and for bonding between the male and female. When you forget the importance of the process you lose control over it as well. Sex is influenced by culture, social, political, psychological, religious and economic factors as well! Any one of these factors can alter the meaning of sex and can lead to CSA. Some priests in medieval times believed that sex with a virgin would give them salvation. Even today, such twisted and baseless beliefs do exist. In Africa, AIDS affects a large number of children, because of the belief that sex with a virgin or a child cures AIDS!! Politically, sodomy is unlawful; but it is a way of showing sexual love in the gay community.

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