Monday, 2 April 2007

Culture,Conditioning and Perpetrators-3

Culturally, a huge chunk of the male population considers watching porn to be normal but watching other people having sex is being voyeuristic and that is considered as a sexual disorder or paraphilia. Now I brought this up because porn is an industry which is on the rise and growing everyday!! The figures are available on these websites.

The porn industry to keep its market going keeps getting more and more creative and there is no end to this road of perversion. It just keeps getting more bizarre and vulgar. Child pornography is on the rise according to official statistics. Now people watching it would say or think they are not committing CSA but they are perpetuating it by just watching it. It is because, there you demanded for it in the first place that it was made and in the process an innocent life destroyed! There is no manufacture when there is no market. WHEN THE BUYING STOPS THE KILLING STOPS TOO!!

“Most societies follow a patriarchal culture today. Male dominance is emphasized in the most basic form by emphasizing the penis. Fact: penetration during sex in the 21st century has been deeper than ever before. The condition of women has also deteriorated the most in this time. Poverty, ill health and any other social problem you can think of have become feminized. Women and children are bearing the brunt of this brutal system. (even the UN reports have cottoned on this fact. btw... have you ever read “state of the worlds children” report? bet most folks haven’t. it’s not popular with mainstream media!)”

Our generation believes in complete freedom and in following their instincts. The definition of freedom was never defined as “the freedom to bind, control or hinder another person’s freedom.” Well, we don’t hinder other people’s freedom, do we? We do it in ways that are barely seen…and through paths so twisted that they can never be detected! For example how we force kids and women to prostitution. We force women? Some people say women are prostitutes and porn stars by choice. Are they??

It is high time we looked at our moral responsibility when making advertisements which stereotype and condition us to the terrible things to a point that they no longer shock us. Culture is a very strong factor which influences our thinking in subtle ways. It is everybody’s responsibility to perpetrate a healthy and morally sound culture in sex. Indifference is a sin on par with the act of crime itself.

“The most distressing aspect of the world into which you are going is its indifference to the basic issues, which now, as always, are moral issues”

“The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing” Albert Einstein

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